Top 3 Writing Services to Avoid

With the sheer number of writing services available on the market, it is no wonder how much variation in quality there is. From scams and subpar products to excellent choices that bring significant improvement to one’s academic life, it’s no wonder that students need every bit of guidance they can get. This brings a new problem, as all websites have testimonials claim that the promises would translate to reality, making it even more difficult to know which to believe.

Luckily, comes to offer an excellent source of information, as unbiased reviews have always been what helped us gain the trust of students. Our goal is to offer proper guidance through first-hand experiences that many others many not have access to. After all, you shouldn’t have to risk your time and money when trying a writing service. Today we will look at three disappointing options available on the market.

1. HelpMyEssay
It didn’t take long for us to have a negative experience with, as the website is among the worst we’ve had to use. Between a severe lack of content, poor organization and shady statements, it screams “not to be trusted” from the first moments. For example, the website insists that the works are original, yet asks that the students do not use them as their own. It makes us ask what the point of buying an academic paper would be in that case.

While we didn’t expect much from the company after a negative first impression, we were still shocked to see that the paper received was available on other websites as well. And with customer service existing only in the form of email, all our complaints were left unanswered. This all came at around $20 per page for what is a fraud or scam, or as close to it as it gets. Discounts become completely irrelevant when you should stay away from this company, but we should still mention that they are inexistent.

2. EssayJedi
There is not much being offered to gain people’s trust here, as samples, writing biographies or blog posts are nowhere to be found. However, even with the little content there is, we were still able to find grammatical errors on display.

It didn’t come as a surprise to find the same habit in our own paper. Not only that but the text was very simplistic, it lacked decent resources and had severe problems when it came to composition. Customer reviews often told the same story, making it impossible for us to accept any excuse.

Prices depend on bidding results but are generally in the low-average range after it’s all said and done. Obviously, we had no promo code as new customers and there seem to be no periodic coupon codes available either. Customer service was also unresponsive and unsatisfactory in any of our attempts to fix our issues. There is no way you can honestly end a review of the website than with a poor rating.

3. WriteMyPaper4Me
This website is responsible for one of the worst writing we’ve ever seen. Not only were we shocked at the realization that someone would hire a writer with such a poor understanding of English, but we couldn’t understand why quality control is completely missing either. Our impression was that the company simply tries to milk whatever money it can get by putting in minimal effort – it is hard to understand why they would dare to sell papers with the poor quality seen here if the intent was good.

All of this came at prices that were above average – in fact, only the 14-day deadline brings them close to the standard rates. However, no amount of money is worth spending here, as the products will be completely unusable in the end.

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